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One of our techs will be available around the clock to answer your questions and respond to your emergencies. You donít have to wait until the weekend is over to have an appliance repaired, just give us a call.

When you contact Tempest Tech Appliance Repair, we will dispatch a repair technician to your home or business to take a look at the broken appliance. The repair technician will diagnose the problem and give you a full estimate on what repairs will cost. We give you a total price up front and never hold back any hidden charges or fees. Tempest Tech Appliance Repair is honest and we do business with total integrity. We want you to know what your expenses will be before the repair begins so you can plan for the bill you will receive.

No Hidden Fees

Weíve had tons of calls from local residents who had unfortunate encounters with bad appliance repair companies. Many times, appliance repair services give a quote, but it doesnít include hidden charges that get added on at the end. For some families, this resulted in hundreds of dollars more tacked onto the bill that they werenít planning for.

We put our customers first and that is why we are honest about everything from the very beginning. There are no surprises with Tempest Tech Appliance Repair! Itís not right to pile on additional financial stress on families in our area. We are already working hard to keep costs low to help our neighbors.

Today's appliance repair work demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems. At TempestTech Appliance Repair, we train our technicians to be experts in these areas to ensure that were able to correctly service any of your major appliances.

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